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The ‘Secret Sauce’ or reason the Globe Power products work in real world conditions is due to the Synergy between the elements within the product. Engineering Synergy between the light system, the battery, the solar panel and the controller.

Clever design, superb engineering and high quality components are combined in a robust design that results in a product that JUST WORKS.


World first, considered design, that increases the efficiency of power solution products, using natural and renewable energy sources and realizes costs savings,


Globe Power are proud to release to market their innovative range of renewable energy power products, including a range of micro and off grid Lithium Ion Batteries, Lithium Battery Mobile AC Units, Solar Generators and Solar Lighting Towers, all which exhibit advanced design principles that increase efficiency, flexibility and durability, and reduce running costs.

A long time provider of reliable generator and lighting solutions, Globe Power recognize the shift towards renewable energy sources as an important market evolution and environmental necessity.

Our R&D and Design and Engineering teams have focused on expanding Globe Powers capability in providing alternative power sources to diesel and grid power.

Lithium Ion and Solar products have been designed with purpose and consideration, often challenging traditional design parameters, in a bid to make the most efficient, durable and safe product. Through promoting lateral thinking across the generator and battery design fields, world leading technology has resulted.

flexibility as well as purpose

Globe Power recognizes that not all customers require tailor-made solutions, instead offering off the shelf designs that are meticulously engineered to suit a range of applications, with design principles in place that make customization of features seamless..

Globe Power is the first company in Australia to design these products with the rental industry in mind. Focusing on ease of transport, durability for long term output, simple user interface and technical support, Globe Power are confident these products will provide a strong return on investment and equity gain.

For Mining, Industry, Agriculture and Commercial use, Lithium Ion and Solar green energy advanced products mean reduced emissions without sacrificing power output, or increasing down time, a previously seen renewable energy challenge.

Back up and emergency response was a critical design consideration, making sure all products could achieve quick transport and installation, in a time of crisis. Modular, hybrid and off grid flexibility ensure remote locations are no challenge, and rigorous testing makes sure they withstand even the harshest climates.


Globe Power is proud to partner with world leading quality supply brands